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  • Added: 09-28-2012
    30 watt Strobe Light

    30 watt Strobe Light

    Mini Strobe Light

    Portable mini strobe light
    Power: 30W
    Flash rate: 1 to 10 flashes per second
    Ajustable flash rate


  • Added: 09-08-2012
    Animated Holiday Projector (2 Step)

    Animated Holiday Projector (2 Step)


    2 Step Animated Holiday Projector
    This high quality indoor/outdoor 2 Step Animated Image Projector comes with a variety of full color images for year round use including Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays and many more. The Ani*Mate Projector can projects an animated character up to 8 feet high onto any flat surface. Easily sets up in minutes. It is safe for indoor or outdoor use and contains an energy efficient LED light. The Holiday Slides store underneath the compartment cover to prevent loss.



    • Projects an Color Animated character up to 8 feet high
    • Long Life Energy Efficient LED Light
    • Includes tripod for hard surfaces and stake for yard use
    • Weather Proof and durable impact resistant ABS Plastic housing
    • Indoor or Outdoor use
    • Sets up in Seconds
    • Projects from 6 to 20 ft away from house or building
    • 10 Slides included in a variety of themes for Year 'Round use
  • Added: 09-18-2012
    BigScreamTV Boo Tube Halloween Video

    BigScreamTV Boo Tube Halloween Video


    BigScreamTV Boo Tube Halloween Video
    The BOO Tube! Haunted Hologram Illusions is Packed with Predators! There are many different creatures in "Big Scream TV!" Each appear one after another in the middle of the TV screen addressing the viewer. The monsters on this DVD have a scarier edge, such as ghouls, mummys, devils, and zombies. All are family friendly. A frightening and less frightening track is selectable for younger or more sensitive viewers. This simple and inexpensive product will give the best darn "animated effects" possible for home use. With everyone scrambling to buy animatronics, wacky lighting, etc. (and turn their homes into mini amusement parks) this product leads the bunch. Like software for your computer, it's basically "Scareware" for your TV. Rather than just cardboard, glowing lights, or shaking plastic, this delivers light, color, sound, image, visual effects, best bang-for-the-buck and the highest quality gags you can get for the home. The images could easily be used in a commercial haunted house.