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  • Added: 03-14-2013
    Bloody Screamer Window Poster

    Bloody Screamer Window Poster


    Bloody Screamer Window Poster

    WOWindow™ Posters are:

    Bright! They 'light up' with your inside lights!
    Easy! Use enclosed adhesive squares to attach to inside window frame.
    Reusable! Take down, fold and store for next time!
    Made in the USA. Proudly made with quality.
    (2) GIANT 3' x 5' Posters
    (8) Removable adhesive squares
  • Added: 03-21-2013
    High Quality 0.1W FM transmitter stereo

    High Quality 0.1W FM transmitter stereo


    High Quality 0.1W FM transmitter stereo


    FM Stereo Transmitter

    FM transmitter Features:

    • Transmit any audio format to all FM radios within your home/office/car.
    • Works with PC/MAC: Transmit from your desktop or notebook computer. No drivers needed.
    • Use PC speakers and transmit at the same time using included Y-port adapter.
    • Works with virtually any device: iPod, MP3 player, CD player, PDA, DVD player,
      Notebook/Desktop PC/MAC and more...
    • Broadcast from any audio format source: MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV, AAC, internet streaming
      audio, internet radio, CD audio, DVD audio, etc.
    • PLL Synthesized: Digitally tuned for extra stable transmission
    • No frequency drifting - No retuning necessary.
    • LCD display: Indicates - transmit frequency, power setting, memory indicator.


    • User adjustable frequency range:  User adjustable 200 frequency range from 88 - 108MHz.
    • User adjustable transmit range/power up to 450 feet:  Two-button user adjustable from .1 to 
    • .5W. Transmit range is up to 450 feet (up to150 meters).
    • Microphone input option: Allows user to plug in standard 3.5mm microphone to transmit voice
      or voice over audio.
    • Memory function: Allows user to save frequency and power setting. Four memory buttons are
      included allowing four different display settings to be saved.
    • Metal Chase


    Power supply voltage: 12V
    Operating current: Less than 0.4A
    Frequency range: 87 ~ 108Mhz
    Frequency step: 100kHz
    Frequency stabilization method: PLL
    Frequency Deviation: ± 75kHz 
    S/N:morn than 40db
    Antenna Connector:BNC type
    SNR: 60dB
    Audio frequency response: 40Hz~15KHz
    Audio distortion: Less than 1%
    Modulation: 10%
    Input Level:-15dBV
    Operation Time:True 24/7
    RF output impedance: 50 Ohm
    RF output power:0.5w
    Reference range: 100m - 1Km (A barrier-free environment)
    Dimensions: 110mm(L) *80mm(W) * 30mm(H)

    Package includes:

    1. FM Transmitter x1
    2. Power supply x1
    3. Extractable antenna x1
    4. 3.5mm stereo audio line x1